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i;m bringng sexy back oh.wait it’s already brought


Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973) - 1929 Nude on a Beach


buy stuff off my wishlist and ill give you an ello code im all about that capitalism tbh


(Source: Red Forest, 1970. By Max Ernst)

Anthony van Dyck - Drunken Silenus supported by Satyrs (1620)

i wrote a song for a straight boy i can’t believe it

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if u reblog anything about how being trans or not straight is becoming a fashion trend and try to discourage individuals from exploring their gender, sexual, and romantic orientations, im automatically unfollowing u

there’s no if ands or buts for this, if ur creating an environment where individuals aren’t going to feel safe or valid while exploring their identity, then ur creating an unsafe and harmful space thats only going to hurt and invalidate people

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Anonymous: you are beautiful inside and out please remember this!!!!

I am a gift

I’m hot AND i love G-d

Anonymous: Why are you so cute and awesome I don't understand

I’m not sure honestly AND I’m hot